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The world today is connected in more ways than ever before. Various platforms like the mobile, desktop, internet of things, computing platforms etc are linked through public and private APIs. Developing and testing applications on such platforms is a challenging proposition for the developers and testers alike. This is why primarily the partnership between SmartBear and gomadeindia is seen as a milestone in the journey of software development and testing.

gomadeindia Solutions has entered into a partnership with SmartBear Software. gomadeindia Solutions focuses on services and solutions for collaborative development, function and performance testing etc. The Atlanta based gomadeindia Solutions, has offices and technology centers in Australia and India. SmartBear Software, on the other hand, is a well-established name in the arena of software quality tools. This partnership has allowed gomadeindia to deliver SmartBear’s solutions for testing and quality assurance across the two countries.

‘Sunil Sehgal’, Managing Partner at gomadeindia Solutions, feels that SmartBear products complement their strategy. Their objective is to fulfil any kind of demands the clients might have regarding QA and testing. With the tools from SmartBear they are able to ensure that all these requirements are addressed and the clients get quality products at every step.

SmartBear is the first choice of more than 3 million developers and testers across 194 countries. These statistics in themselves are a proof of the trust the professionals have in these products.

gomadeindia has a wide range of testing solutions including disruptive technologies testing, packaged application testing and specialized testing, which together are enough to meet all sorts of requirements. These combined with the company’s 360 degree quality management framework have helped the company reach a commanding position in the field. The firm, with its proven expertise and domain knowledge, manages all the QA and testing needs a client might have. It believes in bringing innovative technology as well as quality assurance in its products which allow companies to save on cost, time as well as effort in the development cycle.

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