API Testing Myths & Mistakes – API Testing Tutorial, How To Avoid Them?

APIs once published do not need to be tested

A published API is definitely not the end of testing. If anything, it means testing it wit your specific and customized applications. Considering that a lot rests on proper functioning of an application, you will have to retest it to ensure its compatibility and functioning. Often when the API for an application fails, the conclusion is that the fault lies with the application. However, at times it is the API that has the bugs.

API Testing Myths

A published API saves you time and allows you to gain extra functionality but also exposes your application to the risks that are inherent in them. Unless tested, they will put your application too at risk and then there is no use pointing to the API for you would have done a big disfavour to your brand. This does not mean that you test all the published APIs. The decision of which API should be tested depends on how it interacts with your application.

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API validation is not a must if GUI testing is done

Do not depend on API that is covered is GUI. This is because first there is a big ‘if’ in the API testing. In any case GUI testing will not cover all aspects of API testing. In any case you do not gain much by omitting the test for a small process but you do lose out in a big way. An API that is tested from GUI must have covered just about 10% of the application since GUI tests are not designed to test the integration aspect of the application.

It is simple for GUI testers to test API

With multiple linkages and connections, there is more than one layer of connectivity. While GUI testing it just a part of the API that will get tested not the entire logic, for a seamless experience and a flawless working, the API has to be tested independently.

There are too many aspects so end to end testing is not possible

Today, we are dealing with complex applications. Testing them involves accessing more than 30 other applications that one application is dependent on. However, this should not be a reason to shy away from end to end testing. Especially because of the benefits a fully tested application brings in. Thorough testing is possible through virtualization concepts like test environment simulation along with API testing. This will result in a comprehensive testing across all factors.

As long as a tested API has not changed, it will continue to function in the same way

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Your application changes and evolves with time. Agile Development requires the application to change its logic and enhance its execution. The integrity of the API in such a situation will work only after it has been revalidated along with validation of the system it depends on. You need to have a regression test suite that should consistently test for API integrity to ensure smooth functioning and flawless performance.

It is important to understand that there are no short-cuts to testing. The growth of your business and revenue generation depends on the way it interacts with the customer and in today’s world everything is through computers or mobiles. So it is important that even the weakest link is strengthened and gives you the desired leverage in your business.

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