Boost Your Regular Test Efforts with Crowd Testing

Crowd testing is an inexpensive yet powerful way to test your products before going live. It’s not meant to replace your team’s testing—rather, it is all about leveraging users and the cloud for seamless software testing that acts as a complementary option to your traditional testing services.

1. It uncovers defects you might miss

Because crowd testing lets you involve a number of people all over the world, along with a wide variety of system configurations, networks, and devices, it becomes easy to find defects in your products. From functional and usability aspects to load and security, crowd testing helps you identify critical defects fast that would have otherwise been too difficult, costly, or time-consuming to discover with routine testing in a simulated setup.

2. It brings a new test perspective

Another way crowd testing complements your dedicated testing teams is by bringing in diversity. Having people from a variety of demographic backgrounds with a wide range of knowledge and devices helps uncover defects that could be missed by a team with similar experiences and conditions.

3. It’s fast

Crowd testing also gets you a lot of information quickly because of all the people you have testing your product in real time. When you need testing done on a short notice or are playing against a strict time-to-market deadline, crowd-sourced testing can help ease the pressure by getting a large amount of feedback without taxing your in-house resources.

4. It fits in with your regular test efforts

You can use crowd testing in various ways. It can be employed in both waterfall and agile scenarios. You can make it an add-on before production release, put it to use for performance testing or multivariate testing, and apply it to test apps with high business criticality or a high defect exposure factor. You can even integrate crowd testing into your overall testing processes to reduce your testing efforts in certain aspects, including mobility.

Crowd testing ensures your products are tested by real users across multiple browsers, operating systems, and devices all over the world. When you need to test a specific aspect of your product fast and you want multiple testing groups with diverse experiences, you can find your answer in crowd testing.

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