How Can Software Testing Help In Fortifying Cyber Security?

Rapidly growing cyber applications and software solutions streamlines the work process in most of the industries. But the only hindrance here is the threat of cyber attack. Various web and mobile software’s capture and hold crucial corporate data and it is recorded 80% of cyber attacks are attempted in this layer. It is clear from the above-given data that a strong cyber-security testing is an indispensable requirement for securing the functionality and make application fortified against the malware intrusion.

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gomadeindia offers fast, comprehensive and agile security testing, reducing the risk which includes simple marketing sites to internal and external business applications, including those holding credit card information. We can launch your application security initiative in just one day and turn round results in less than a week. Supporting huge numbers of desktop, mobile, or cloud applications, we test any application, from anywhere.

Our time-tested approach to testing is recognized in organizations globally and your preference has made us a recommended name in this industry. Now the reasons why you need our expert testing services are:

Insecure Application – an open invitation to hackers

Writing an insecure application code is no less than leaving the master key under the doormat. Not all the developers consider the security aspect while building an application. Diverse studies and surveys show that about 75% of the cyber-attacks happen due to an insecure application comprising the insecure code. Being exposed to the outside world, applications have become a leading vector for cyber-attacks. In this hour of need, an enterprise really needs to be assured of the quality of the source code that goes into the application. If you ponder your application isn’t coded the way it should be and perhaps on the hit list of hackers, you need not panic. We have the solution for you.

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How can gomadeindia help you become “secure”?

gomadeindia has developed the Security Testing framework, it integrates the process of fortifying security code scans with existing QA builds for applications and uncovers all the potential application security issues. The structure that addresses the persistent problem of false positive removal from scan results by using the gomadeindia developed filter sets and thereby, eliminating thousands of false positives in a fraction of the time. With this, the framework assures to provide a quick turn around on critical and high-security issues via a centralized application (Fortify Software Security Centre). The assigned authority official persons like developers can login to fortify software center gateway to scrutinize the scan results and create a comparative analysis for developing strategies for solving the issues faster and better.

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