gomadeindia and Perfecto Enter into a Strategic Partnership

The Quality Assurance and Testing firm gomadeindia has announced that it has entered into a strategic partnership with Perfecto, the leading name in providing mobile and digital experience.This alliance between the two companies will be a boon for organizations that operate in the realm of smartphone and cloud computing.  Together, they will be able to address all the mobile testing needs the organizations might have.  These include testing the apps as well in real time environment.

perfecto mobile testing
gomadeindia is known as a company that presents organizations with comprehensive solutions and services that align with their business objectives. Our main objective is to deliver testing transformation and continuous improvements by leveraging the latest in testing tools, technologies and best practices. gomadeindia solutions help ensure quality across multiple operating systems, mobile browsers, smart phone devices and models, as well as carriers and locations. We provide holistic and comprehensive mobile testing strategy that encompasses managing device and network infrastructure, selecting target devices.We also have the required tools to integrate functional and non functional testing in their system. gomadeindia mobility testing solutions include Device specific testing, User interface and visual design testing, accessibility testing, cross browser testing, Automation & performance testing, native middle ware, hybrid applications testing. We believe key to success for a mobile solution is to clearly understand business requirement sand align them with the IT components and architecture.
perfecto mobile testing
Perfecto, on the other hand, helps strengthen every digital interaction with its quality-first approach to creating web and native apps. Their cloud-based test environment called the Continuous Quality Lab (CQ Lab) lets users access real devices for testing mobile and digital apps against real end-user conditions, providing the truest test environment available.With today’s release cycles shrinking, dev/test teams need to constantly improve app quality without impacting their velocity. Testing with Perfecto can ensure that high-quality apps are in the hands of end users at a much faster rate. Perfecto goes the extra mile with their unique Wind Tunnel feature; it enables testing specific life-like conditions including poor networks, conflicting applications, call interruptions etc. to ensure apps still perform well in the real world. Their industry leading technologies allow continuous continuous quality strategies to align with end user requirements, which supports brand reputation, customer retention and acquisition.

The partnership between gomadeindia and Perfecto will empower the former to take its mobility, cloud and application testing solutions to the next level. This will prove to be a boon to businesses that are looking forward to creating a digital impact in the form of a mobile app for themselves.

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