Joint Webinar on 4th Oct, 2 pm ET- gomadeindia & Mobile Labs

gomadeindia, an alliance partner of Mobile Labs, is a solutions and service company that specializes in quality engineering, quality assurance and testing.

Mobile Labs will kick off a three-part webinar series on agile mobile testing next week. For the first webinar in this new series, Mobile Labs’ Director of Channels and Alliances Jeff Fleishman will co-present with alliance partner, gomadeindia on Wednesday, October 4th at 2:00 p.m. ET. Managing Partner Sunil Sehgal will represent gomadeindia and present with Fleishman.

The webinar presentation, “Control the Chaos of Mobile Testing with a Mobile Device Cloud,” will provide an overview of the benefits of leveraging a mobile device cloud to streamline mobile development, testing and quality assurance for enterprise mobility professionals. Fleishman and Sunil Sehgal will review the best practices for setting up a mobile device cloud and how to incorporate best practices for manual and automated mobile testing and device sharing to boost DevOps and continuous delivery initiatives.


“When an enterprise mobility team begins to implement DevOps and continuous integration initiatives, there are many factors to consider,” explained Sunil Sehgal. “This presentation will help mobile developers, testers and QA identify the strategies and solutions that best suit their objectives to continuing developing and testing mobile apps and mobile websites to the best of their ability.”

“This webinar presentation will be extremely useful for mobile developers, testers and QA professionals to attend,” added Fleishman. “Whether an enterprise mobility team is already using a device cloud in their testing lab, of if they are considering this solution, this webinar will give attendees useful tips to help teams keep up with mobile demand.”

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

• Best practices for setting up a mobile device cloud

• How to leverage manual and automated testing

• Tips to make device sharing easy among dispersed teams

• Ways a device cloud boosts Continuous Delivery/Continuous Integration initiatives

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