list of the top 5 strangest national mottos in India

India is a country with a rich cultural heritage and a diverse population. Each state in India has its own unique identity, and many of them have their own national motto that reflects their values and aspirations. While some of these mottos are inspiring and patriotic, others are a bit strange and unusual. In this article, we have compiled a list of the top strangest national mottos in India.

“Unity in Diversity” – This motto is the official national motto of India and represents the country’s diverse cultural and religious background. While not necessarily strange, it is unique in that it emphasizes the importance of embracing diversity rather than promoting a single cultural identity.

“Gair Sarakshi, Khudkushi” – This is the national motto of the state of Bihar, which translates to “Without protection, suicide”. The motto is meant to convey the idea that without proper care and protection, one’s life can be in danger.

“Soochna Se Sashaktikaran” – This is the national motto of the state of Madhya Pradesh, which translates to “Empowerment through Information”. The motto is meant to emphasize the importance of knowledge and information in empowering individuals and communities.

“Satyameva Jayate” – This is the national motto of the state of Uttar Pradesh, which translates to “Truth Alone Triumphs”. While this motto is also the national motto of India, it is strange in that it is only used as the state motto in Uttar Pradesh.

“Kala Sone” – This is the national motto of the state of Chhattisgarh, which translates to “Black Gold”. The motto is meant to reflect the state’s abundant mineral resources, particularly coal and iron ore.

In conclusion, while some of these national mottos may seem strange or unusual, they are all reflective of the unique cultural and social backgrounds of the states in India. Each motto has its own unique story and meaning, and they all serve as a reminder of the diverse and colorful landscape of India.
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