What You Need to Know? 2020 Mobile App Ecosystem

Mobile apps are gradually furbishing in the midst of technological advancement aura. And when the world is still in a state of adoption of the immersing apps interfaces, the visionaries are looking deeper for the newfangled mobile apps ecosystem. The Google’s deep link initiative with Android Instant Apps, Apple mini-services application via notification at elementary app level and new swift programming language, Cloud and Internet of Things are some of the examples contributing to this changing mobile app ecosystem. So what actually you need to know about this booming Eco-explosion of app world? Here is the answer:

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Why the changes?

Sensibly, we are pretty good in using our mobile apps and love the fact that these are easy to understand and independent of screen sizes; then what the heck are these changes for? Simply because the apps are getting more attention worldwide with an increase in a number of downloads, growth in sizes and the advent of multi-functionalities and features. And, we are yet so far in leveraging the core app experience and sensing the seamless mobile application uses with minimal technical friction and interface resistance. The abundant resources that can empower the mobile app ecosystem and replenish the application environment with latest technology trends and innovation are yet to be integrated. And this is the reason why we are witnessing so many changes happening in the existing mobile app ecosystem.

So what changes we are expecting?

The changes for sure are not in a direction of a complex algorithm that sets the app across the deeper level but instead in a direction that leads to rejuvenation. This allows apps to break the physical store boundaries and scatter all around to creep comfortably into the customer’s life. The wide availability mode will be set around this deconstruction of apps with download optimization and quick response time that fits into the requirement and instant need of users.

As a part of the change, let’s talk about Google’s commendable Android Instant Apps initiative. This enables users to per-use the apps from a link before buying or downloading it from the app stores. This would be really of great help for the one-time applications where users don’t need to download the app on their handsets such as buying entrance tickets, paying for parking etc. These web apps are really creating a fine line in the air where you can launch it from anywhere. Following the changing pedagogy, Apple iOS is also working towards creating a quick access to its iOS applications with smart notification feature. Apple plans to smartly convert notifications into mini-apps and let users float around the widgets quickly and openly. Another thrill in Apple app is ever-shift to Swift programming language that allows developers to create both a mobile app as well as server-side management with an ease of access. This would be a real Eco-change on developers’ part.

Cloud and IoT – The New Wave Technologies

Cloud resources are still to be plow efficiently to yield high results for app industries. In the new environment, it is expected that apps will make full use of Cloud technology. With the cloud support developers will have access to powerful tools, while users will be capable of accessing it from anywhere in faster and easier way than ever before. The hottest trend in the market- Internet of Things is also taking over the app industry. It is expected that around 35 million of devices will be connected to this trillion dollar industry by 2019.

QA & Testing Needs A Facelift Too

Thinking of it, all this sounds pretty convenient. However, with this new app ecosystem in place, enterprises will have to ensure that their testing environment is adaptable to these changes. Thus, QA professionals will now have to upgrade their approach to testing to comply with the compatibility and usability standards of the mobile app ecosystem. They need to perform comprehensive penetration testing, and with the advent of big data environment they need to explore newer ways to test related mobile applications. Enterprise and commercial applications are the major chunk and testing professionals need to focus on usability, security and performance of such trending applications.

New Opportunities for Businesses

Undoubtedly, the new app ecosystem will create exciting growth opportunities for organizations but they need to advance their business processes to exploit this new market. The newer ecosystem will engage more users and dominate the digital interaction in coming years.

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To wrap up all- the mobile app ecosystem is an ever-changing model that entertains the innovation and both the businesses and end-users need to embrace it to get most out of it. Connect with us for a strategy that gets you ready and sustain well in the marketplace.

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