Performance Testing of e-commerce Applications – Key considerations

Who would not wish to attract heavy traffic on their app, especially when it converts into great revenue? Wishes can come true if you properly testand optimize applications to perform. You have to be extra careful when it comes to e-commerce applications. You might launch a new product on your app or announce a discount on it but if the high traffic mars its functional efficiencythen it will crash. This will prove counter productive for a business; your e-commerce app is critical for your growth as well as reputation.

Testing your Ecommerce App

You can test your applications either through performance testing or modeling. Modeling is a method in which the entire scenario is simulated and a ‘what if’ condition is created with the help of a software. On the other hand, in the performance testing method, the application is run on a system and there are devices to monitor its performance. The app is tested on a controlled software to test its efficacy in a larger environment.

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Performance testing includes a range of different kinds of tests that are carried out to analyze the different aspects of an application. One of the ways in which performance testing is carried out is through load testing, wherein testers try to evaluate how the app will perform when the number of users as well as the number of transactions increase significantly. You can fix any issues that are raised during the testing so that when the application is launched it performs as per expectations.

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Why Test the Performance of Your App?

Performance testing helps you understand the behavior of the application under load conditions. The speed at which it responds, the conversion of incoming traffic to revenue etc are all assessed during performance testing of the app. Some of the other benefits of performance testing include:

  • Discovering and fixing any defects – Whether the defect is in the coding infrastructure of the app or in the way users interact with it, with performance testing you are able to detect it much earlier and fix it. The app when launched in the market is perfect and performs to its utmost capacity.
  • Hardware requirements – Performance testing allows you to understand the way your app will react to increased traffic volumes or slow server speeds or network issues etc. You can thus make the required changes to the hardware requirement for your app. This saves you a lot embarrassment at a later stage if the app does not function properly.
  • Confident release – All in all it helps you to be confident about launching an application that will not disappoint the users. When the results have been tested and analyzed before hand, you know that the application will achieve its aim in a trouble free manner.

Performance Testing for Your E-commerce Apps – Doing it Right

Having seen the advantages of performance testing, let us see the right way of doing the testing.  For this, the test environment plays a critical role and needs to be as close to the real environment as possible. Speed, scalability and stability are the three aspects that should be tested before launching.

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  • Test conditions are influenced by both the hardware and the software. However, it might not be possible to simulate the entire environment for reasons of the finances involved. In this case a better alternative is to scale down the project and its conditions and then test it.
  • An e-commerce app should be designed such that it can be easily accessed by prospective customers anywhere on the globe. Testing needs to be done to ensure that the app performs across the world. This increases the number of variables like operating system, device, browser etc that are to be considered for efficient functioning but then the app has to function perfectly irrespective of who the user is.

On many e-commerce apps, the traffic is not converted to revenue because the users leave before placing the order. This could be because of the speed so it is important that the app responds quickly as per the user feedback.

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