GMI Black Printed Copper Water Bottle (1 litre)


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Copper is a strong anti-oxidant, promotes healthy skin, improves your digestion system with many more benefit also recommended by Ayurveda.Drinking water stored in copper bottle or other copper vessel (which is known as tamra jal in Ayurvedic medicine) balances the three doshas in your body (vata, kapha & pitta). Water stored in a copper water bottle will also become natural alkaline water, which helps balance your body’s pH levels. Copper is anti-bacterial, acts as an effective anti-oxidant, improves immunity, supports good health, prevents aging, eliminates toxins and stimulates the brain.

BrandGMI – Copper Series
Capacity1 litre
Special FeatureLeak Proof, Attractive Look, Pure Water


  • Attractive Appearance; Rust Resistance; Durability; Health Benefits
  • Copper Prevents Plaque Accumulation In Arteries To Promote Better Blood Flow To The Heart Ideal Usage: Water Bottle For Yoga, Gym
  • One of the biggest benefits of drinking water from a copper bottle is found in its ability to improve digestive performance. This is due to the fact that copper has certain properties that can kill harmful bacteria as well as reducing inflammation in the stomach

Components included: Water Bottle

Care Instructions

This bottle is very easy to clean. You can simply clean this bottle with water & mild dish wash liquid/ detergent.

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