“QA is Everyone’s Responsibility” What is the Role of QA in Today’s DevOps World

“QA is Everyone’s Responsibility”

In the industry of software & testing, quality assurance is always treated differently by software developers. The reason may be that they have different roles, different responsibilities, different job descriptions, and different managers.

However, for other non-engineering teams, we say: in operations, they view quality assurance and developers as one team, and their perspective is that they work together as a team to produce a product that ultimately fits the customer.

At Agile, the software development process requires QA analysts and developers to learn to work together and make the testing and development process more collaborative.

How could it be …

Given that the entire organization is working on agile development and continuous integration, automating the implementation process allows quality assurance to achieve a smoother process that ultimately meets business objectives, namely. H. Higher product quality and faster delivery to the market. DevOps is shown here, which means “Development Operations”. DevOps goal is to market high quality products faster. DevOps is a continuation of a flexible approach to software development that allows development and testing of software to be carried out simultaneously with ongoing collaboration of all parties involved.

The DevOps process helps bring high quality products to market in less time. This requires continuous development, continuous testing, and continuous implementation, with DevOps helping teams to keep updating and implementing.

Continuous integration, deployment, and deployment rely more on automated testing to determine the effectiveness and accuracy of any code change. Various types of testing such as unity test, smoke, regression … are performed to counter compile code changes and to ensure application quality. The DevOps process causes developers and quality assurance to work together, and quality assurance can be registered to automate the entire application delivery process.

gomadeindia Methodology / Approach

To usher digital transformation with DevOps that mitigates risk and helps businesses take their products to the market faster and more efficiently, there should be a clear roadmap that lets them stay laser-focused on their core goals and values and put all their internal resources to handle business-critical tasks. gomadeindia understands how to enable continuous testing, test automation for both functional and non-functional testing in a DevOps environment.

gomadeindia DevOps Testing Services Company includes:

  • Orchestration Solution with automated tests
  • QA implementation for DevOps
  • DevOps Assessment for maturity and readiness
  • Tools Recommendation and Feasibility
  • Standardize processes, tools, and framework in DevOps System
  • Provide solutions to ensure continuous testing and faster delivery

gomadeindia Differentiators

  • Shift-left testing: Our DevOps software testing professionals support continuous delivery by assessing an enterprise’s software’s quality after every change with Unit Tests, Integration Tests, Automated Acceptance Tests, etc
  • Automation and continuous quality monitoring for cross-functional teams
  • Evaluating enterprise’s DevOps readiness and checking the present tools in use against the DevOps maturity model
  • Continuous testing, continuous integration, and continuous delivery with standardized templates, processes, checklists, and guidelines for DevOps
  • Creation of virtualized and cloud test environments that are accessible on-demand and can be scaled up or down
  • Breaking of big apps and releases into manageable microservices that are developed, tested, and deployed as individual units
  • Build end-to-end automated solutions for testing in DevOps
  • Best tool identification to get code into production faster and speed up the final delivery

Conclusion: QA is paying a most important part like middle order of a football team in releasing a quality product to the end customers. They are the bridge between forwad line and defence to move it smoothly. The QA is working beteen the team requirements and make testing and development work more collaboration by help of DevOps.

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