Quality Assurance is a Step ahead in Software Testing

Was the software tested? Well, this is the first question the customers ask when it stops working and anything critical appears. That is why; Quality Assurance in software testing is an important aspect so that the software runs smoothly without any complaint. The specialists study different test cases, judge the test scenario to find the critical issue and bring out the solution on the same.

Basically, QA are the actions that will ensure service that is high-quality, profitable and it is also based on reviews that continue through life with the help of the solution delivery and solution design. The main objective of QA is to reduce the “expected risk” that can cause the menace to the achievement of the project.

QA is an extreme part of software testing. In SDLC, everyone follows the following process and accordingly completes the projects.

  • The main requirement of client
  • Software developer develops and assembles the code to design the software
  • Then, it is passed through testing i.e. a tester will perform different phase of testing like unit testing, modular testing etc.
  • QA specialists analyze the gap in the software and check whether the software meet up the client’s requirements.
  • Finally, it goes for the production purpose and submitted to the client.
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QA acts as a filter so that one can complete SDLC in a successful manner. It is one step ahead of software testing because QA analysts are not at rest at all and they continue the process and manage the test cases, execution of testing, customer support, and search of the defect and suggest any further improvement in the application. It is an integrated procedure and everyone needs to work in the proper system to get the work done smoothly. They are final people to check the quality of the application before delivery the application to the clients.

The performance and quality of an application have totally become vital and everyone wants to be a part of this connected world and QA analysts are ready to give top quality application indirectly be a part of the best services that the client offers to the targeted customers. Software Development Lifecycle works as a team and it much like preparing a food for guests and without reviewing the taste, texture and health benefits, you cannot present the same dish in front of the guests. In the case of software creation, the process also goes in the same manner.

The reviews on each stage of SDLC will reduce the risk, effort, time and cost. QA analysts help the clients to reach the business goals in real time and it also includes less risk and gives maximum satisfaction to the customers. In SDLC, quality of the software application matters a lot at the end.

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