Security Testing – critical in digital transformation 2022

Security of a digital system and other related systems in field of information technology has become vital in the current age of digitalization. With digital transformation making progress at an exponential rate, the spell of cyber threats and other security concerns is also expanding. A study revealed that most of the security issues occurred at application, access and last but not least authentication level. With the onset of a new era of digital transformation and assessment of threats related to it, security testing has definitely become a critical factor.

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There are certain basic principles which need to be addressed properly in order to carry out seamless security testing during digital transformation:

What is the current status?

The first and very basic step of security testing is to analyze and establish the current security position of the application or any digital source of information. This activity is aimed at finding out the loopholes in the current system of the execution and processing of information.

How many security threats have been averted so far?

The next step should be analyzing the number of security threats which have been averted so far. It will lay emphasis on the trends of security attacks on the digital application or website dealing in the transformation of information from source to user. It is important to mention here that focus should be laid on checking that whether there is any regular trend in method of attacks. It will help in shaping a compatible and better security policy.

How the security threats were averted?

Method of dealing with security threats is also very important.  The key idea is to know about the effectiveness of the security model intact in the organization. The methodologies adopted by application developers and other websites need to be of standard level. Any discrepancy in this part can have a long lasting negative effect on the whole setup.

How often security testing is employed?

The last and one of the most important principles is to ascertain that security testing should be part and parcel of a digital company. Most of the organizations have a dedicated security testing wing, but still some of them are lagging far behind. Security testing should be implied on regular basis for numerous reasons, customer satisfaction being one of the prime.

What are the additional security factors to be considered during Digital Transformation?

When the organization decided to go for digital transformation, it is obvious that more people would e interacting with organizationdigitally. That leads the people tointeract and accessing information from various critical applications of the organization. So it is very critical to adopt right digital transformation design and strategy and all required security needs to be tested thoroughly during transformation.


Following are some of the top vulnerabilities of digital world:

SQL Injection

It is one of the most common attacks on data driven applications.  It is a code injection technique in which malicious user attacks the identity and may sometimes tamper the data of the application. This method is usually employed to gain access to credit card numbers and related information.


Hacking is a method of exposing loopholes of a system and using the leaked information for blackmailing or other illegal purposes. Hacking has become one of the nasty things in digital world. Almost all the digital organizations are constantly being attacked by hackers, but most of them are averted by strong security system intact in the backup. It is pertinent to mention here that no system is completely hack proof. Hacker’s community is growing on a steep rate. Governmental agencies have also cautioned business establishments to keep the confidential data at a bay from hackers.

Password Cracking:

Password cracking is one the simplest yet powerful method of attack on any digital application. In this method malicious user tries to gain access to administrator by cracking the password. It is reported that such threats lower down the response rate of the website or application due to excessive load on server.  Less responsive server can lead to sever website downtime crisis and ultimately the users have to suffer. Such attacks are usually known as brute force attacks.


The current example of effective security testing is new trend of encrypting the data of messaging and social media applications. Both Whatsapp and Viber have announced recently that data transmission of both the applications is fully encrypted and even governmental or other organizations cannot access it. It has revolutionized the whole digital world and trend for strong encryption is becoming quite trendy. Encrypting is one of the safest methods to save users from fraudulent theft of personal information and other related factors. It was a long pending demand of the social media application users, who do not want to compromise with their private and confidential stuffs. It has created a new benchmark in the history of digital security.

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The need of hour is to bring more and more applications under the blanket of encryption. There is no way out apart from having a strong security mechanism is must when you go plan digital transformation. Say yes to encryption. Say yes to security testing.

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