Software Testing Lessons You Can Take From Pokemon Go

Unless you’ve been living under the rock, you know Pokemon Go pretty well. This location-based, augmented reality game has created a rage in the gaming industry. Within a few weeks of its launch, the game’s daily active users are neck and neck with Twitter.

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The game uses the GPS functionality of your smartphone to locate, capture and train the creatures from the favorite 90’s cartoon show, Pokemon. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that Pokemon Go has pushed up the stakes in the gaming industry.

With around 20 million active users in USA alone and millions of other users all around the world, Pokemon Go has become a viral phenomenon. Apart from all this, there were several glitches reported by the players, including login issues and the failure of the app to connect and sync with the GPS function of a mobile. But thanks to the performance testing efforts of the game development team, by now they have all become speck of dusts.

So, all app developers and game producers wait before you launch the next game or create the next app. This game can give some invaluable software testing lessons for your apps which are currently on the development stage. Believe it or not, you can actually improve the functionality of your apps by using this game alone! Doesn’t the very thought itself sound promising? So let’s take you through the app testing cheat codes you can learn from Pokemon Go.

Don’t make your apps buckle under pressure. Who knows, your app may become a viral sensation like Pokemon GO and hence, you must be prepared to face the tide. Prepare your game servers to tackle the extra traffic (both incoming and outgoing), something the game developers of Pokemon GO, Ninatic, missed out on. They weren’t expecting such a phenomenal response to their game and hence, their servers were only trained to take up a certain level of traffic. When that number was surpassed, the game crashed and as a result many login issues cropped up. So, prepare yourself for the positive tirade.

Testing the quality of your apps is very important. Hire some beta testers to find out the bugs present at front as well as the back end of your application. In case there are some glitches, resolve them immediately and only then introduce your app in the market.

Consequently, perform load testing. To begin with, keep it to a normal load and then increase the load 2-times, 4-times, 6-times and so on. This will help you in understanding how effective the app is when it comes to withstanding multiple downloads. Use proper API and APM tools to diagnose the data sent and synchronize it with the data obtained from both the ends.

Next, test the battery efficiency of your game. If you’ve followed the launch of Pokemon Go, battery consumption was one of the major issues initially reported by the users. So, make sure your game consumes a minimal amount of battery and it does not overheat the CPU of the mobile. Have a baseline performance and compare this value with the performance ratios obtained when the game is used on other mobiles. This will help you know where the game lags.

Continuous testing and collecting anonymous data statistics will help you overcome the battery issue. So, follow these steps crucially and enhance the performance of your game before introducing it officially.

If your app/game will be using GPS, make sure that your game properly synchronizes with the functionality, one thing the Pokemon Go team missed out on. If your app doesn’t work in tandem with a mobile’s GPS then there is no use in claiming so. This will just add to the list of fails, and your application will turn out to be a complete disaster. So, functionality testing of the app is very important. Segment your game into numerous parts and start testing each dimension of the game in an extensive manner.

In today’s field, augmented reality has become a trending concept which will make the user to get a seamless and rich experience and providing the same is not a simple joke. So, you must be careful enough if you are going to tread this path.

So, Pokemon GO has proved that you can be a trendsetter but only if you care about the quality of the game. Many of the users couldn’t play the game initially, but one the developers took matters in their hands and fixed the glitches, the game spread like a wildfire. If you want to gain the same fame for your app, do follow all the tips given here.

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