What are some of the most Common Challenges faced by Agile Testing Teams in 2018?

With Agile development becoming mainstream, we have noticed that more and more people are shifting from Waterfall to Agile development. Well, this paradigm shift introduces additional challenges with an impact to testing teams.

Now, the question arise “What Are Some Of The Most Common Challenges Faced By Agile Testing Teams?”

Inadequate Test Coverage

With agile, there is always continuous integration & it is very easy to miss out on critical tests. This can be taken care of by linking the tests to user stories, so that there is a better test coverage. This also helps to analyze the specific metrics required to identify missing test coverage and the traceability. In fact, it may happen that a test has been missed simply because the code got changed which no one had anticipated.

Code Broken Accidentally due to Frequent Builds

It often happens that as the code is changed and compiled daily, code might break for the existing features. The ideal way to deal with this situation is to run a series of tests against each build. Most of the times we need to depend on automated testing due to lack of resources asset becomes practically impossible to run these tests on a daily basis manually.

Early Detection of Defects

It is better to fix the defects in the early development stage rather than trying to fix it later. Fixing bugs later in the SDLC is not only an expensive process but time consuming as well. So ask your test team to do frequent code reviews to spot issues early.

Inadequate API Testing

Often it happens that the testers do not have adequate knowledge and skills to carry out the API Testing. In order to ensure that these tests are not missed, one can opt for tools that allow testers to test the API even when they don’t have strong coding skills.

Performance Bottlenecks

In order to address performance issues, you need to identify the code that is affecting the performance & how it’s being impacted. Once the areas are detected, you need to use load testing tools that will track down the performance over a period of time.

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