Top Automation testing tools for 2018 – Streamlining Industries

Now we are in an age of automation in almost every field. Software development process is leaping in terms of advancement over time, same applies to the tools and technologies. These changes are focused on improving productivity, quality, and customer satisfaction, to facile ever-shortening delivery time, and create successful products and services. It goes without saying, software testing obviously has a crucial role in attaining these objectives.

As per the latest report provided by World Quality Report by 2017-18 Capgemini focused some interesting trends in software testing and quality. And the two of the significant points worth focusing is the adoption of agile and DevOps methodologies. In the present digital scenario, every enterprise requires intelligent automation and smart analytics to gear up the decision making & validation. Not only these but in general, every online organization all the dealings need to work streamlined specifically the e-commerce relates ones. With every festivity, they provide certain offers and has to work in tandem and streamline the delivery. This helps you to provide a seamless experience to the customers – starting from giving enough choices, providing the promised discounts, and lastly delivering these within the time frame. Many of the esteemed e-commerce players have already faced the impact of the disastrous sale offer days which vividly proves the eminence of implementing Automation Testing for guaranteed performance and enhanced functionalities on the digital platform. According to the report, enterprises need intelligent automation and smart analytics to quick up decision making and validation and to address the challenges of testing better in smarter devices and products that are highly integrated and continuously changing. Furthermore, testing makes the practices address the challenges better and products become customized to continuous changes.

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Well, there are few prominent tools in the market that can be helpful for the different organization for automation testing. And one of the trusted and efficient names in this domain is gomadeindia which offers end-to-end testing solutions

Some of Significant Automation Testing Tools –


It is a test automation tool and is commonly used by testers for its numerous features which empowers them to test the use and performance of any developed application through devices and operating systems. It works with any coding language with one or more scripts, where users establish test scenarios on multiple devices and operating systems.


It is popular for providing innovative test automation software to different organization around 60 countries. Other than being cost-effective, Ranorex license permits effective desktop, web mobile application testing as it can effortlessly integrate with the testing environment. Along with this, it can be adapted for standard programming languages easing using it. Ranorex also supports technologies such as.NET, Winforms, WPF, Java, SAP, HTML5, Flash, Flex, Silverlight, iOS, Android, Windows Apps (Native/Hybrid), etc


It is one of the most used open-source test automation structure for web applications. It came to the market arena in the 2000s and evolved becoming especially helpful of advanced programming and scripting skills.

It supports various system environment (Windows, Mac, Linux) and all browsers like Chrome, Firefox, IE and more. The scripts for it can be written in multi languages like Java, Groovy, C#, PHP, and Ruby.

These are three most efficient automation testing tools that make the industrial process streamline and enhances the productivity reducing the turnaround time. And gomadeindia is the name that can provide complete automation-testing support with agility.

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